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Q. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?  A. Easy… Click Here!

Q. How do I make an appointment?  A. Email or call the studio to make your appointment, or complete our contact form under the “contact” tab.

Q. What does my session fee include?   A.  Every session has a creation fee.  This fee not only covers your time during the session and your order session, it is also used toward overhead expenses, photographic equipment, continuing education, and other expenses required from small businesses such as insurance, self-employment taxes, etc.

Q. What can I expect at my photo session?  A. Your portrait session is all about you and your family, and you hold the complete attention of your photographer.   We’ll have posing and prop ideas, but don’t hesitate to ask questions or express what you are envisioning. In fact, we encourage it! Expect some poses to feel a little awkward, but trust that your photographer knows what looks great in your finished portrait. Most importantly, relax and have fun (see studio rule #1)!

Q. What kind of props can I use? Can I bring my own props?  A. We believe that simple is better, and we don’t use many props.  But we love to show the personality of your family.  If you have a special blanket, toy, or other things, please feel free to bring them so we can include them in your portrait.  Let’s chat, and make a plan together.

Q. What kind of backgrounds are available?  A. We have several muslin and canvas backgrounds that we love to use in our portrait sessions.  We also have specialty backgrounds such as our chalkboard wall, and rustic barn wood wall.  We can also arrange for your portrait to be created outside at the studio… the grounds are a beautiful and have an “Old Florida” feel.

Q.   How long will my photo session last?  A. The length of your photo session depends on the sitting option you choose.   Click HERE to learn about our session types.   In fairness to all of our clients, we may have to reschedule if you arrive 15 minutes late to your appointment.

Q.  How do I order my portraits?  A. You will be scheduled to return to the studio for your order session 1-2 weeks after your portraits session.  At this appointment you will view the images and place your order.

Q.  Can you put my images online?  A. Once your order is placed, your images will be placed in a password-protected online gallery for a very limited amount of time for your family and friends to enjoy.   Please share them!

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?   A.  We know your portraits will be treasured for generations, so quality is very, very important to us.  Each image is color-corrected and is retouched by hand, then sent to a pro-lab for printing.   Because this is a custom product, orders require  approximately 3 weeks for delivery.

Q. What type of retouching is included in the price?  A.  All images that are purchased receive basic retouching including the removal of blemishes, softening of lines and wrinkles, and the removal of glasses glare.

Q. How long are my images kept on file?  A. All of the files we show you will be stored.  3 months after your order is placed, the images will be digitally archived.  Although purchases can be made after the images are archived, there may be a retrieval fee.    We expect to hold all files for an indefinite period of time.  We carefully store all of the images in multiple locations and fully-intend to keep the images, but can not guarantee against natural disaster and system failures.

Q. Is it possible to order more portraits?  A. Absolutely!  Simply email the studio and we can help you out.   If the images have been archived, there may be an archive-retrieval fee.

Q. Do you have a membership plan?  A. Follow this link to learn about our plans:  Portrait Plans.

Q. How do I care for my portraits?  A. This is an important question.  First, please display your images.  For more detailed information, please visit our page, How to care for my portrait? 

Q. What if I am not satisfied?  Do you have a guarantee?   A. Absolutely… we want you to be happy!  We will correct or replace your portrait if you are at all disappointed.  We will also offer a complete session retake if you/we find we aren’t happy with the images.  We really do want you to be happy.

Q. I still have other questions! A. If you didn’t find your answer here, please contact us HERE.


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... my beautiful granddaughter! Her grandfather and I have had {J} since she was a tiny baby. Cindy, you have truly captured her love of life and that wonderful smile! Thank you very much.

(noted on a photo we recently captured)

Diann L