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Three Rules at the Studio!

Three Rules at the Studio!

These are the rules not only in the studio, but also in my life… just ask my boys!

1) Have Fun!
2) Don’t get hurt.
3) There’s NO Falling!

I know they sound a bit random, but you would be surprised how often these rules come into play. And, yes, the last rule was created because I FALL A LOT in the studio!

We certainly have a good time at the studio, whether it is during a session or during studio work days.  We love to laugh at each other and at ourselves.   For a taste of what a fun session may be like, be sure to look at our “Fun” gallery.


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... my beautiful granddaughter! Her grandfather and I have had {J} since she was a tiny baby. Cindy, you have truly captured her love of life and that wonderful smile! Thank you very much.

(noted on a photo we recently captured)

Diann L