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January 6th, 2009 by

I LOVE Facebook!  If you are not a member, you really can’t understand what I mean, but if you are you will understand.

I have found a whole group of friends that I thought was long gone.  You know, the people in your life that were wonderful and fun and changed who you are, but when you leave college or high school, or that first job, or your sorority, they are gone.  Forever a part of your life, but not a part of your daily living.

Silly as it sounds, I have been able to add those people back into my life.  I have found people who have meant the world to me, and I have found those people who don’t even know how much they changed me.  And it doesn’t take much to get a peek into their worlds again.  Some of their wall entries (sorry, Facebook lingo!) are serious and full of concern, some of them are silly and fun.  Some are inspiring, some are gross!  All of them are a wonderful way of sharing themselves as they are living their lives today, this moment.

For those of you who are on Facebook, please send me a friend request!  I would love to peek into your world, too!

And when you come in for a session, I will provide you with an image for your facebook page.  Normally, there is a $25 usage fee, but if you keep my logo as part of the image, I will let you use it for your profile picture at no charge!  I love to share the images we capture together, and I love that you want to share them with your friends, both near and far.

One caution… It can SUCK YOU IN!  So, budget your Facebook time, and I will, TOO!

Enjoy!  Cindy

2008 Photographer of the Year!

January 5th, 2009 by


2008 Tallahassee Photographer of the Year
2008 Tallahassee Photographer of the Year

I am so happy to announce that I have been awarded with the 2008 TALLAHASSEE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR by the Tallahassee Professional Photographers’ Guild. 


To me, this is a special award because it is given based on the photographic images presented each month by members of this professional organization.  During each monthly gathering, members bring samples of their images to be judged by all members and guests of the Guild.  This award is based almost exclusively on the number of times a person who wins the most “Print of the Month” competitions.

It is by no means a popularity contest, but is based on the photographic skills and artistry shown by the photographer and therefore carries great weight in the local photographic community.  I accept the award with honor, respect, and a great deal of gratitude.

Thank you to all my clients for sharing their lives with me, and allowing me to capture the smallest moments shared within their families.  It is an honor I do not take lightly, and appreciate each of you and how you have touched me and my life.

Cindy Strickland

Hello, again!

December 31st, 2008 by

Although I have been absent from my blog for a while, I have NOT been absent from the business!  We have had an amazingly busy season and I have been missing Maggie terribly!

I have had the honor of seeing some of my very favorite people this season!  Soon, I will be sharing some of their holiday cards with you.  I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!

Nominated for The Tally Awards

November 14th, 2008 by

I love referrals!  It is the nicest compliment you can give, and it gives me an amazing opportunity to meet the people you care about the most.  It also helps me to know that you enjoy our time together and the product we are able to produce together.  Recently, I have had a number of people ask me about the Annual Tally Awards, so I wanted to give you the chance to participate.  Everything Tallahassee offers the public to vote on their favorite businesses in our community simply by visiting their site at .  You will find me listed under “Photographer” within the professional services category.  I am hoping that my clients will go vote — an appropriate theme this year!  It is a wonderful way to show Tallahassee what businesses you support and enjoy.  Again, thank you for all of your support and for continuing to refer the community to me.

Saying Good-Bye to Maggie…

November 7th, 2008 by

maggie-2Maggie joined me on May 1, 2006 as my Studio Manager.  We have been working together for almost exactly 2 1/2 years and have laughed a LOT (refer to the number one rule of the studio)!  Maggie is now leaving me and moving on to new adventures.  Although I will miss her terribly, I know she is excited about her new life and all the experiences that are ahead for her.

Maggie has been working HARD to have things as up to speed for Christmas as possible, and I appreciate her dedication to the bitter end of our time together.   So, be patient with me… Maggie is training me as quickly as possible!

Unfortunately, her new adventures will be held FAR too far for a commute, as she will be living outside of Augusta, GA.  Although she will not have constant access to a computer, I am hoping to be able to send her messages from you so she will know how much she is loved.

All of you know what a delight she is to be around, the best “smilifier” I have!  I have told many how I will not only be losing my right arm, I will also be losing a part of my brain.  But, as much fun as we have together, I think her favorite part of A Moment Captured is each of you.  Your families are very special to us here at A Moment Captured, and watching them grow is a special honor.  Please know now much you mean to me and to Maggie, and understand that you will truely be missed by her.

Thanks for all you did, Maggie.  (insert bubble-blowing, cheers and streamers here, please!)

Love, Cindy

Home Again, Home Again!

September 2nd, 2008 by

First, let me send my well-wishes for you, your family, your property and your business.  I do hope you all made it through the storm safely.  My family is safe and sound, although my husband couldn’t reach the house for 2 days because of road closings, etc.  It was a relief when he could get there and find that all was well.

Well, it has been an amazing week full of exciting learning opportunities where we were surrounded by old friends while making new ones.  As you know, Maggie and I attended the Florida Professional Photographers convention in Orlando.  Training and learning means everything to me, and I know that when I return from trips such as this I am even more inspired than when I left.  I can’t wait to fill you in on all the details of our exciting trip, and to show you all the new things we have learned, so please stay tuned!

While at convention, two of the Tallahassee photographers (us and Long’s Photography) received phone calls from clients.  In both cases, we were almost the first calls they made when they both experienced catastrophic events with their homes.  Thankfully, their families are safe, but their precious images have been lost.  It is a reminder that the first thing you grab running out of a home that is flooding or burning are your irreplaceable images.  Priceless.

As we continue to approach the holidays, we are working hard on our new holiday card samples.  We have had a LOT of you requesting more options for press printed cards both in a flat format and a foldover format.  Therefore, we will be able to show you more choices next time you are in the studio.  Although we will still have a few 4×8″ slimline card choices available, our 5×7″ cards are going to be wonderful!  WE HEARD YOU!  As soon as they are ready, you’ll get to see them first right here.

I look forward to posting some of my resent images, and can’t wait to share more with you.  SOON!


Hello, World… again!

August 20th, 2008 by

Here we are!

Getting ready for our annual Florida Professional Photographer’s convention.  Yep… we’ll be driving down for another amazing week with other photographers and friends… through another hurricane!  It doesn’t seem that long ago when Charlie hit Orlando a week before convention, leaving unrooted trees and debris everywhere, in a place that is usually manicured for the vacationers from around the world.  We are hoping for the best weather for all of Florida… we ask for the welcomed rain and no wind, please!

Maggie and I are excited to be attending again, knowing that we will be rejuvinated and full of ideas and inspiration.  I can’t wait to share what we learn with each of you when we return and prepare for the holidays.  We will leave on Friday, August 22nd and will return to the studio on September 2nd, but will be checking our messages daily.


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... my beautiful granddaughter! Her grandfather and I have had {J} since she was a tiny baby. Cindy, you have truly captured her love of life and that wonderful smile! Thank you very much.

(noted on a photo we recently captured)

Diann L