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Preserving Family Photos – Me and Mom

July 21st, 2015 by


I love the look that comes across someone’s face when a photo sparks a memory.  This photograph was discovered of a man and his mother who passed away several years ago…

“WOW!  I had completely forgotten about this… 

Me and Mom on the day of my high school graduation!”

(click to enlarge the photo)

Me and Mom at my High School Graduation

Me and Mom – Family Photo Restoration

 Don’t let your memories fade… contact us for ways to preserve your family history.

Timeless Tuesday

Preserving Family Photos – My Baby Girl

July 14th, 2015 by


After finding this image in a box in the closet, a Daddy arranged for it to be restored in time for Christmas for his only daughter.  It currently sits in her living room with mementos of  childhood experiences with her father.

“It’s a simple photo, but she’s my only daughter… and time has moved so quickly!”

(click to enlarge the photo)

My Only Daughter

My Only Daughter – Child Photo Restoration

 Don’t let your memories fade… contact us for ways to preserve your family history.

Timeless Tuesday

2015 Back to School Sessions

July 9th, 2015 by

2015 Back To School Sessions A2015 Back To School Sessions B

This is such a fun session to celebrate the annual “Back To School” ritual. Add your own text to the blackboard after the session to make a personalized experience.

Limited number of sessions available  AUGUST 1-4, 2015.

Email us or click HERE to request your favorite day and time.

Samples of Chalkboard and Back to School Photos

Samples of Chalkboard and Back to School Photos


Introduction to our Painted Portraits!  Temporary savings.

LIMITED TIME Introduction Price on our Painted Portraits!  Temporary savings.  Contact us for more details.


Preserving Family Photos – My Earliest Memory

July 7th, 2015 by


Recently, a client realized some of her early photos had been damaged.  When she handed me this photo she paused – lost in thought for a moment, turned to me, looked me in the eye and said with a grin,

“This is my earliest memory… I was sitting on the milk box,

waiting for my uncle to pick me up to buy new boots!”.

When looking through her photos, we were all surprised by how much she looked like her mother as a child… something she hadn’t noticed before that moment.

(click to enlarge the photo)

Baby Photo Restoration

 Don’t let your memories fade… contact us for ways to preserve your family history.

Timeless Tuesday

Preserving your Family History – A Personal Look

July 7th, 2015 by

Cindy_Tyler_DC Trip

My son (Tyler) and I took a trip to Washington, DC recently, enjoying our own special trip with my sister, Elizabeth.  It was a gift from my sister and brother-in-law.  They wanted us to have a mother-son experience that we will always remember.

It seems a bit selfish of us.  That is until you realize that when the Florida State Seminoles football team traveled to the Rose Bowl to WIN the National Championship game, my husband and my older son were treated with tickets and their own father-son trip of a lifetime.  So, it was our time for creating memories on our own adventure.

We had an amazing time of fun and fellowship, and of learning.  We learned (after several missed stops and wrong trains when my sister and I were in charge) that Tyler is a navigator and could get us anywhere on the Metro line with ease.  We learned that we are all good travel companions and that being able to roll with whatever came our way made the trip fun.  And, I hope my son learned that although I am his Mom, I can be fun, and that my sister and I can laugh and be silly together even in our old old age.

I know I will be looking back on that trip from a lot of different angles, in addition to the importance of my experience with Tyler and Elizabeth.

  • I have a new love for history.  In my opinion, you can not travel to Washington, DC and not take away a huge respect for our American history.  But this trip was different for me.  I learned these people who were so critical to the creation of our nation were just people.  And the more I learned about their lives, the more connected I felt to them and their cause.
  • Preserving history matters.  I have a photocopy of my great-great-grandfather’s journal that he wrote as he traveled from the northeast down to Florida to establish a new home for his family.  The stories of the people he met, the churches he visited on Sundays going through each town, and the mosquitoes he endured matter to me – probably more than they mattered to him.  It turns the idea of a “great-great-grandfather” into a person.
  • We don’t know that history matters when it is happening.  It is only after time that we realize the importance of  our experiences.  Sitting in Ford’s Theater, I thought “Wow.  It is so great that someone a long time ago realized that this place would matter to me and my son.  They have preserved it all these years.”  Not so.  Lincoln was shot in April, 1865 and the theater was not opened as a museum until 1931, but only for 2 years.  Then, it was not until 1968 that it become a national historical site and reopened to the public.  (Read more about Ford’s Theater HERE).
  • What important history has been lost?   Without documents, photographs, written testimonies, and the verbal passing on of information, preservation is impossible.  My cousin was visiting recently.  Because his mother’s only sibling was my father, he sat with us and asked question after question.  Things like, “Did Mom teach school before or after my parents were married?”  “I don’t know much about where she grew up, tell me what you can remember.”  “What were her grandparents like?”   He also mentioned that it wasn’t until his mother’s death that he realized he wanted that information, and may not have a way to find it now.


So, that leaves me with this…  

  • What are we doing to preserve our family?  Our history?
  • How will our grandchildren know us without knowing our childhood?
  • How will our great grandchildren know why beekeeping matters to our family (don’t know why? Someday I will need to explain.), and why it might matter to them?

We have a responsibility to document who we are and what we know, because if we don’t take the appropriate action it will be lost.  That seems a bit dramatic, but I now fully understand that without photographs and documents, I would not know about my family, my nation, my world without it.  And, I learned that it DOES matter to me!


Sources for you to look at on how to preserve your family history and documents:


Originally posted July, 2014

2015 Chick Pics Released

April 3rd, 2015 by

Once again, we had an amazing time with the chicks.

I just love our chick sessions every year.  Thanks so much for sharing your children with me!


2015 Chick Pics Announced!

February 11th, 2015 by

We are proud to announce our VERY POPULAR… CHICK PICS!

CLICK HERE to make your appointment.

Chick Pics great for Easter!

This event has been very popular over the past 12 years…

Watch your child enjoy playing with the live baby chicks!   And, enjoy sharing the images with the people who you care about the most.


Want to see last year’s images?  CLICK HERE!



CLICK HERE and contact us today to set your appointment!

2015 Valentine Quick-Takes!

January 23rd, 2015 by

ValentineDates Blog

We are so excited to announce our Annual Valentine Quick-Takes!

Review our pricing, and complete the contact form below for your favorite day and time!

2015 Valentine Pricing Blog


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Our Vintage “Night Before Christmas” Scene is back!

November 28th, 2014 by


Take a moment to enjoy the magic, and we’ll record their joy.

One of our favorite holiday scenes was one we used way back in 1994.  During this joyful session, you have 3 choices…

Dress your child in their Christmas PJs and anticipate the day.

Or… the family can gather for some hot chocolate and stories.

Our third option is to choose to try out the sleigh outdoors, a beloved scene by the little ones.

Whatever you choose, it will be a magical session.  Packages start at $99, and the $75 session fee is completely credited toward your purchase!

Sessions available December 1st – 3rd and December 8th – 15th, 2014.

Below are some examples of this fun session from way back in 2004.  These kiddos are nearly grown now… it is a FUN LOOK BACK for me and these families!

Be sure to email us quickly to get your favorite day and time.  The last day to order prints for delivery before December 24th is December 15th!

EMAIL US or click on “Contact” above to get your favorite day and time! 

Vintage Night Before Christmas Scene from 2004Vintage Night Before Christmas Scene from 2004 Christmas Scene from 2004 Photo Sessions 2004 Vintage Christmas Scene Vintage Christmas Scene from 2004One of our Favorite Photo Scenes from 2004Vintage Christmas Scene from 20042004 Vintage Christmas SceneChristmasPhoto_05ChristmasPhoto_07ChristmasPhoto_11

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... my beautiful granddaughter! Her grandfather and I have had {J} since she was a tiny baby. Cindy, you have truly captured her love of life and that wonderful smile! Thank you very much.

(noted on a photo we recently captured)

Diann L